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frequently asked questions

Account Questions: Am I allowed to have more than one account?
We allow one account per individual. There may be more than one account per household, however each person registering an account must have a separate computer and separate ISP to participate in our program.

How can I log into my account?
Login at

How can I cancel my account?
Go to your user info page and at the bottom of the page you enter your user name and password, then click cancel.

How can I cancel receiving your newsletters?
Your membership in our program allows to send you email messages and advertisements. You can unsubscribe at any time by visiting the Profile page and set Email settings to Unsubscribe. To visit your profile page, click here

How can I change my personal information?
Log in to your account and click the "User Account Info." link. You will be able to edit any of your information except your Member ID and Payment details. If you wish to update your payment details, email us at

What countries are allowed to join?
We accept international members

I have Web-TV, can I join too?
Yes, though some programs will not allow WEB-TV users to join their program, we welcome WEB-TV users. Our efficient tracking method allows WEB-TV users full earning privileges.

Earnings Questions:

How much do I earn by participating with
There are a number of ways in which you can earn. Clicking, Searching, Signing up to free offers

When can I request payment?
You may request payment after you have earned minimum amount that is required for the redemption type that you prefer.
Redemption type : Paypal, Minimum payout is $1 or 100 points

How can I request payment?
As soon as you reach payout, you will see the redemption option appear in your account area, Submit your redemption request.

When am I paid?
Payments are made the next day!

How am I paid?
Payments are made via Paypa.

Referral Questions:

How can I refer other members?
You may place a link with your referral url to on your website. You may add your referral url to your email signature. You can give out flyers or advertise in any way you wish except for Spamming (sending unsolicited mails).

What is my referral link?
Your personal referral link can be found on your personal "Referral links" page. Click here to get your referral link!

What can I earn through referrals?
Members will earn a flat rate of 0.30 for referring active members when they reach payout.
To qualify to receive earnings from your downline, you must login at least once every 30 days

Advertising Questions:

I have a website I would like to advertise, where can I find information on your different programs and costs?
For any advertising queries, contact us at

I have questions not answered on this FAQ page, what can I do?

Email us at and supply as much information as possible so we can solve the problem in a timely manner.

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